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Trivandrum Diary

Couple of weeks back I was in Trivandrum to attend one of my former colleague's marriage.  Probably, this is the second time I have visited Trivandrum and got to see a city a "little" bit.

I travelled by the Trivandrum Express, which starts pretty early.  So if somebody is travelling in this express, they have to take a day off as it leaves Chennai by 3.25 PM! I have noticed since the last few train travels, I am becoming really hesitant in travelling anything other than 3 AC.  I have to now consciously work towards breaking this.

Few things which caught my attention:

  • The Kerala houses which you see from the train are very enticing.  Not because of its size but for the greenery all around the house.  
  • I don't know who and how the city's new areas are planned and developed.  I find it extremely difficult to accept the fact that all the roads are of 15 feet width.  Not more than 1 car can pass through at a time.  I saw it almost all the way up to Nagercoil on my way back. Whats the logic to have such narrow roads?
  • A visit to Trivandrum is incomplete without a visit to the now world famous Sree Padmanabaswamy temple. On the day I went, during Navaratri, we were waiting for the puja's to get over and darshan allowed.  Everybody, more than 500 people, were neatly standing in a queue with no commotion or noise.  
  • Thanks to the riches, the temple is now heavily protected by the Commandos in uniform at all the four entrances.  Kerala Police officers in plain clothes, a dhoti and angavastram, man inside the temple.  I don't know what to say, but you see policeman with revolvers hanging from their hips even inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.  

Overall, the city still retains the town like feel, which is good!


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