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4th day - India - England Third test match - My first post

Today, I was seeing the 4th day's play of India-English third test at Oval. As usual, India failed to press home the advantage after bowling out England in the first innings. I fail to understand why Rahul Dravid decided to bat again when he would have very well asked England to follow-on. I think Rahul and his team are playing for a draw instead of trying to win the match.

I imagine Australia being in this situation. They would have asked the opponent to follow-on and even if they have batted the second time, they would have scored runs at a brisk pace and would not be tottering at 180-6(decl). Rahul Dravid has made a valuable (!) 12 runs of 96 balls. Sachin Tendulkar scored 1 run of 11 balls. Atrocious!! I dont have any other word to describe this.

In the morning before the start of play, the odds were in favour of India winning the test. Many thought India may wrap up the third test on the fourth day itself. It is not going to be the case now. I dont think England would play for a win at this stage but they will definitely try for a draw.

It all now depends on our Indian bowlers led by Zaheer and Kumble. RP Singh and Sreesanth are not yet match-winners. I pray they prove me wrong today and tomorrow. Sreesanth has to mature a lot as a bowler and RP Singh has to focus on the basics, line and length.

Lets hope India wins!!!


I have entered the world of blogging. This is my first blog. Thanks to whoever reading this. I am planning to write about my experiences, observations, opinions on things which are close to my heart and which I can understand. I will be honest and straight-forward.

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