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Happy Indian Independence Day!!!

On the occasion of the 60th Indian Independence day, I wish every Indian a Happy Independence day!!

Independence Day has always been close to my heart. I value the freedom of speech and thought as a basic right of every human being. We may not realise the importance unless you suffer from lack of freedom. Independence from British raj gave us an opportunity and also a responsibility to define our future. As a loyal Indian, I feel proud of our country's achievements in the last 60 years. Greater challenges lay in store for us and I am sure our fellow countrymen would make best use of the opportunity and come out with flying colours.

I think India should focus on the following in the next 20 years:
1. Focus and thrust should be on agriculture. Use advanced agri techniques and ensure that we are all self-sufficient in food. Food security is of paramount importance.
2. Link the rivers and build more dams to utilise the resources effectively. This can create employment for thousands of people at the same time help us to improve our water management for agriculture and drinking water.
3. Develop the infrastructure by building world class airports, ports, roads, bridges, residential apartments etc.,
4. Work towards improving the alternative sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, energy from waste etc., Energy security is also important.
5. Remove corruption from day to day life. When I say this I am carefully excluding corruption in all forms because, I am sure it may not be possible to eradicate it. But corruption to get everyday things completed should be eliminated.

The above are not a standard recipe for success but atleast make us focus on it.

Wish you a very happy Independence day once again.

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