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I like reading these weekly columns in English and Tamil!!

I read magazines in Tamil and English on a daily basis thanks to the Circulation Library subscription. I get fed with books like Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan, Kalki, Junior Vikatan in Tamil and Outlook, Outlook Money, The Week to name a few, which I read regularly.

There are number of articles which appear on a regular basis in these magazines and I have picked few of them which I like to read:

1. "O" pakkangal by Gnani - Ananda Vikatan (Tamil) - writes with clarity on current topics of interest. The last one was on the Indo-US Nuclear deal.
2. Pamarran Pakkam by Pamaran - Kumudam (Tamil) - covers a wide range of topics.
3. Avant Garde by Mohit Satyanand - Outlook Money (English) - shares his experience on investing.
4. Outlook Diary - which appears in the last page of Outlook magazine. It is a travelogue kind of writing, usually written by different people every week but if the Editor of the magazine fails to find one, he (Vinod Mehta) himself writes. And it is enjoyable too!!

Will keep updating the columns which I find interesting in the coming days.

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