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Managing my email accounts is becoming a problem!!

With the advent of internet and the increasing usage of web for communication, I have ended up with multiple email accounts. I have 4 different email id's in yahoo, 2 id's in gmail, 1 each in hotmail and sify. All put together it is eight. On a daily basis to check all the mail boxes itself becomes a difficult task. Do you also have the same kind of problems?

Now, I am trying to rationalise the number of mailboxes I use. But it is turning out to be a difficult task. I have decided to rationalise my email id's as below, so that I can breathe little easy:

1. One account for Professional (?) emails (what else, job only!!)

2. One email account for communicating with friends and family.

3. One email account for share market related activities.

4. One email account for subscription to various mailers.

I will let you know when I accomplish rationalising my 8 mailboxes into 4. May be in 2008!!


thinkofvenky said...

Venky, You have not mentioned one more email Id. The ID maintained exclusively for job hunt. I am sure you must also. ;-)

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Yes, of course. I have mentioned it in the first line as "professional" emails.