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World's 5th most powerful women buys an apartment in Chennai!!

Indira Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsico has concluded a property deal in Chennai. She has purchased a 4100 sq.ft flat promoted by KGEYES Residency in Poes Garden area. Poes Garden is already posh with Ms Jayalalitha, former CM of Tamilnadu and Mr Rajnikanth, the superstar of Tamil Cinema. Now Indira Nooyi joins this exclusive list of people owning a residence in Poes Garden.

The builder KGEYES Residency has sold this property at the rate of Rs16000 per sq.ft. The total cost of flat comes to around Rs7 crores. (Equivalent USD1.7 Mio). This is a small sum for Indira considering her last year's salary, I guess. The details of Indira Nooyi's salary as reported in

Indira Nooyi earned $6,230,366 in Total Compensation last year.

Here's the breakdown...
Base Salary: $964,413
Cash Bonus: $3,000,000
Perks/Other: $153,506
Stock Awards: $1,033,505
Option Awards: $1,078,942

Another piece of information on Indira Nooyi. She is the niece of ace Carnatic Musician Ms Aruna Sairam.

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