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Kannamuchi Yennada - Tamil Film I saw last week

I saw two films Kannamuchi Yennada and Azhagiya Tamil Magan during the last week. Both are decent entertainers and I enjoyed them.

My take on Kannamuchi Yennada:

Film starring: Prithiviraj (Mozhi fame), Sandhya, Radhika, Sathyaraj.
Genre: Family Drama.

Director: Priya (Kanda Naal Muthal fame)

The story is about how the lovers try to convince their parents for their inter-caste marriage. In the mileu there is also a subtle message "thou shall not take your spouse for granted and treat her/him with due care and respect". The main story revolves around the love and the difficulties faced by the hero (Brahmin boy - Prithiviraj) and the heroine (Gounder girl, Sandhya) in getting the acceptance of their parents for the marriage.

Coming back to the main plot, overall it is enjoyable family entertainer. No unwanted or gruesome stunt scenes, love scenes which makes you feel awkward etc., There is an element of comedy which runs through all the characters. Special mention should be made of Prithiviraj as an actor. Inspite of his very heavy Malayalam accent he comes out very well and helps the film to hold on.

Overall comment: Watchable movie for light hearted fans.

PS: The leading stars of KY, Prithiviraj, Sathyaraj, Radhika along with the Director Priya were in the Koffee with Anu program last Saturday on the Vijay TV. They were pulling Prithiviraj's leg like anything about his possible affair with Sandhya during the shooting of the movie, though in a very discreet manner and without mincing names or words!!

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