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Sachin declines Test Captaincy?

Yesterday, Sachin Tendulkar informed BCCI that he is not in a position to take over the reins as Captain of the Indian Test Cricket Team. It is really sad that a person of Sachin stature and calibre could not take up this challenging job. Lets try to look at the possible reasons why Sachin didnt want to take up the captaincy now:

1. Two back to back test series with strong teams (Pakistan and Australia) would be tough for the little master to concentrate on his batting. If he fails to deliver in these two series, his place would be in trouble.
2. May be he wants to become a Captain for all forms of Indian cricket but it has become impossible now to dis-lodge MS Dhoni from ODI and T20 captaincy.
3. There may be too much of politics around the position that he fears he may not be able to take his own decisions.

Out of the above three possible reasons, my personal opinion is that Sachin wants to focus on his batting than anything else at this stage of his career. He doesnot stand to gain anything spectacular by becoming a captain @ 35. His each and every action and reaction would be scrutinised and commented upon by our able columnists and commentators. His commercial value may not also go up to warrant a closer look at captaincy!

By declining the captaincy at a very crucial stage in Indian cricket, Sachin has not done justice to the adulation and adoration he has among the Indian fans. If he is a real sportsman, he should have taken this as a challenge and proved that he is an able captain also. His past records doesnt look great as a Captain though! He would have been a unifying force within the team, if we go by what we read in newspapers about the respect he gets from his colleagues. But alas, I would say that Sachin has once again played a selfish innings in this regard.

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