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Trading NIFTY Futures for living!

I came across an article written by Vijay Bhambwani of BSPL on trading in NIFTY Futures to keep your home fires burning. Vijay is a popular stock market analyst and regularly appears in NDTV Profit and CNBC India. Regular watchers of these channels would have seen him.

In this article, he talks about making a daily living (!!) by trading in NIFTY futures. He claims that he has beta tested this strategy and it has worked for him.

It sounds very simple and I am tempted to try out something immediately. But I know for sure trading is much more an emotional battle than anything else. I have traded in the past and the amount of anxiety, pressure and sense of despair you get while trading is unbelievable. May be, if I had done it little more scientifically as mentioned in this article, I may not have very bad memories of day-trading.

Interesting article which would be useful for die-hard traders and above average risk takers.

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