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Aircel launches internet on mobile facility!!

Aircel (formerly RPG), one of the largest mobile telephone service provider in Chennai has announced the introduction of internet on mobile facility. It was a long felt demand of Aircel users. When every other service provider like Airtel, Hutch offered internet on mobile, Aircel didnt even bother. It was even more difficult because you are not able to switch a different service provider by retaining the same number as mobile portability is not there in India. But Aircel has woken up and launched the service this week. For activating this service, you need to visit the nearest Aircel Cell City outlets or Aircel Centre.

When enquired with them about the tariff, I understood that they are offering two plans:
Plan A: Pay Rs599/- per month and enjoy unlimited internt browsing and download.
Plan B: Pay Rs10 per 10 KB of data download.

I dont really know if these are attractive rates for this facility. Anybody who is already using internet on mobile facility and help me in understanding how competitive the rates are.


Venkatesvaran Pandiyan said...

I am currently using Hucth Rs.499/- scheme where in you get 500MB of free download and any excess is charged at Rs.0.05 per 10KB. The Rs.599/- tariff you mentioned appears to be better than Hutch plan, since it offers unlimited. Do you know what technology is Aircel using. I understand Hutch is using EDGE. Also do you know if you can use this connection to connect to your PC/laptop?

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Venky,
Need to check with Aircel on the technology being used and can it be used for PC/laptop.