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Everything you desire - Harshdeep Jolly

"Everything you desire"is a book written by Harshdeep Jolly, an IIM Bangalore Alumni on the 21 months he spent there studying for his MBA. This books vividly chronicles the events, culture, expectations, peer pressure, internal equations, staff attitude and all in IIM Bangalore. This is a honest description of the events.

The first 45 pages of "Everything you desire" are a drag and I was in two minds to continue or not. It looks like a student diary in the initial pages. I persisted with it and the pace started getting better. The important thing about the book it makes you understand the difficult life in a IIM without the author overtly talking about the difficulties. The author makes you imagine how each student undergoes these gruelling 21 months. While reading the book you get used to various IIM acronyms like MAP, CC, CGPA.

For those who think there is no time for romance in IIM's, I guess it is not true. Inspite of hardpressed for time, our guys and girls go about this. I also understood the pressure these IIM guys go through during the campus recruitments. We are all fancied by the huge salaries IIM graduates get but there are guys who dont land up in a job either day 0,1 or even 2. The agony they undergo, the peer pressure as a part of the campus recruitment process has been brought out well.

I didnt study in IIM but this book provided an opportunity to live the life of a student in IIM. There are various spelling mistakes throughout the book and I don't know it was ever proof-read!? The book is a good read if you manage to hold on to the first 45 pages!! Well done, Harshdeep!!


Venkatesvaran Pandiyan said...

Venky, Why don't you author a book on the experience during our CA course?

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Very good idea. I will try to work on it in the coming days.