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Getting high with acting!?

Over the last two days I was in a workshop and one of the things we did was to enact a play for 10 minutes. I acted in one of the plays and I enjoyed acting. Actually, more than anything, I felt really high when I was in the stage acting. Acting gets you high which is very different. When people walk up to you and say that you did well, it is the height. You start feeling lovely.

I can imagine how full-time actors would feel after one of their films becomes a big hit. Now, I can understand why actors behave very differently from others.

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Anonymous said...


You acted very well. It took me sometime to recognise who the naughty child was ?? Also, it is also time to stop and ponder. should give a second thought of how life is going ? We are capable to do so much more, so much more different. What it takes is stripping inhibition and for a while forgetting who we are ??? What we feel we are only is a tip of an iceberg. We have taken far more births before this one and thus will have more to us than what we can see !! Well done Venkat !!