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Jodha Akbar - my current favourite music album!!

I saw the movie Jodha Akbar more than a month ago, when the initial reviews were not that positive and lot of issues around the story line. I always have a fascination for historical movies so I still went ahead and watched the move, only to fall in love with it. Ashutosh Gowariker has done a fantastic job with regard to the production quality, casting and costume. A historical movie, Jodha Akbar has been made aesthetically in all aspects. There was a big crowd to watch the costumes and jewellery of what Aishwarya wears in the movie.

The music by AR Rahman for "Jodha Akbar" is a great plus to the movie. When I saw the movie the first time at Sathyam Multiplex, I was not used to the songs. As always, it takes few weeks for AR Rahman's songs to really hit you. Once it does, you fall in love with that. My latest favourite in filmi music is "Jodha Akbar". I am really overwhelmed by the songs. I would say Rahman has done a classic act and he has really enjoyed working in this movie, I guess. He has also sung "Khwaja mera " song himself. The music is very soulful and scinitillating. The CD keeps playing all the time in my car. This is for a person who can't understand the beautiful lyrics of the songs. Great work, AR Rahman!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I loved it too. Agree about the music.
A great film!!!