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Two advertisements which caught my attention

Recently while watching TV, I came across two interesting advertisements. One is from a high profile company and other one is from an educational institution.

The high-profile ad:

The advt is that for Hyundai Accent car. For a long time, Hyundai Accent is considered to be in the phase out stage. That is, Hyundai will stop producing the cars. On that pretext probably, Hyundai also donated 100 Hyundai Accent cars to Chennai Police in 2007. At that time it was written that Hyundai is clearing off the unsold stock and at the same time earning some brownie points from the Government. It seems Hyundai continued to manufacture Accent and sold it throughout 2007. Now it has started a high decibel ad campaign in TV media for the same old car and it is priced at Rs4.99 lacs. I guess, Hyundai would have phased out Accent but for the successful launch of Mahindra Logan, Swift Dzire and Indigo LS from its competitors in the same or lesser price. Hyundai would have probably felt that it is not having a Sedan to offer to the customers at this price range while the competition is going gung-ho about "low cost sedans". I believe considering the proven design and engineering, Accent stands a better chance to succeed in this price segment if Hyundai reduces price by another Rs50,000/- or so.

Ad by an educational institution:

The second advt is from GKM Engineering College. It is for the first time in my life that I have seen a commercial for an educational institution. Since it is the time for admissions to engineering colleges, GKM Engg college has come out with an advertisement. Though the advt doesnt talk about what advantages it has compared to other engineering colleges, it conveys the message that it is very important to choose the right college.

After a quiet thought, I realised that I have seen advertisements for Amity University as well before in T.V.

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