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Interest on Real Estate is on the wane?

We visited the property fair put by JBJ City Developers at Valluvar Kottam. We have not visited any property fair for quite some time now, so we were all perked up when we landed there.

But to our great surprise and astonishment, the fair had very few companies who have come to exhibit their properties. May be, 15 companies totally. JBJ, being the lead sponsor, occupied the biggest space in the exhibition. JBJ, we learnt has properties across Tamilnadu and in this fair they show-cased properties which are closer to Chennai. No big builders were there in the fair.
The crowd was very less and I would say hardly anybody. The properties on exhibition were very few and the price range of the plots were also inclined more towards the low-budget.

Though you cant take this as the benchmark for real estate prices and the interest factor among the buyers, but it is surely an indication of where the real estate market is heading towards, Down!

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