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Times of India one year subscription offer is back again!!!

Time of India, Chennai edition which was launched on April 14 this year has become a major hit, I guess. This was evident from the way the market leader "The Hindu" reacted to the new arrival. The Hindu went on an advertisement blitzkrieg taking over most of the bus stops, mobile advertisements on the bus etc., proclaiming that "Chennai wakes up to only The Hindu". It also went a step further, very unusual, of The Hindu, that it actually reduced the price. But I think the agony is not over for The Hindu.

Times of India has re-launched the special introductory offer price of Rs299/- for one year. I came to know of it through FM Radio advertisements and I have today enrolled for one year scheme. There are couple of things which made me opt for this one year subscription:
1. Though I am die-hard The Hindu fan, we have been invariably buying TOI on a daily basis paying Rs2 or Rs3 per edition. May be for the novelty value and for the local news coverage.
2. The other thing which caught my attention was the re-sale value of TOI. You may not believe it but it is true that TOI got me 75 paise for a day's paper. The per day cost works out to 0.81 paise and you get back 75 paise, resulting in a net outflow of 0.06 paise a day. Not a bad bargain, I guess.

To subscribe for Times of India, call 044-24317979. They will take down your number and a marketing executive will come to your home to take the money and give you a travel bag as well. The paper delivery will start from the 5th day from the day you call up the Times of India number.

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