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High Net Worth Individual - is it me??

Yesterday, I got a promotional call from Kotak Securities, Financial Planning Group about investments in structured products and Private Equity. When the caller introduced himself as XXXX, from Kotak, Financial Planning Group, I had a doubt why this guy is calling me as I knew they deal with HNI's. As he correctly asked for my name, I thought they have come up with some innovative financial product for retail investors as well. The guy from Kotak Sec explained that they are currently offering two products which are open for investments. One is a structured financial product, where he said I may get an annual return of 50% or so based on the NIFTY price movement and the second option is to invest in a Real Estate Private Equity Fund. When he started talking about Private Equity, I got wind of what would be the minimum ticket size. I heard him out and then the time came for him to tell me the minimum investment amount. He said he is looking for an investment of Rs10 lacs and in multiples of that for both the products.

I have to explain to him that I am still not in that league to invest in one go Rs10 lacs, leave alone the fact that I dont Rs10 lacs to invest. I hope, time will come when I will be able to invest Rs10 lacs in a single ticket deal.

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