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Interview with Howard G Buffet, son of Warren Buffet!!

We all have heard so many things about legendary investor, Warren Buffet. His investment insights, annual reports with wit and humour and at the same time lot of meaning, his generous contribution to charity etc., But his personal side is not that much explored! ( I dont know if it is a right word to say). Warren Buffet has three children and one of them is Howard Graham Buffet, named after Warren's father Howard and Warren's mentor, Benjamin Graham. Naming your son after your father's name is a unique thing to Tamilnadu (particularly Southern part of Tamilnadu, I guess) but Warren Buffet has also followed that!!

Howard Buffet still lives in Omaha and he loves farming. He has 850 acres farm where he cultivates soya and corn. He says that his life as the son of world's richest person has been no different from any body else. Howard Buffet is engaged in charity work in Latin America and other developing nations. He has been tipped to become the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway after Warren Buffet. It is really interesting to see that successor to Warren Buffet is from his family. Corporate America also follows the Indian way of succession planning or what??

You click the link here to read an interview with Howard G Buffet, the second son of Warren Buffet and President of Howard G Buffet Foundation.

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