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Real Estate prices around Tambaram in South Chennai

This past weekend, I was going around Southern suburbs of Chennai with my friend who wants to buy a real estate in South Chennai. When he mentioned about this I was more than happy to accompany him to areas like Mudichur, Rajakilpakkam, Sembakkam, Madambakkam, Nuthancherry etc., I have been there only two weeks back so I was little familiar with the places. These areas have developed unbelievably and the prices, I am sure you wont want to hear about it. From the information I could gather, these are broad price range in various areas:

Mudichur - Rs24 - Rs30 lakhs - for sites closer to the road and Rs13 - 15 lakhs for sites which are away from the road by 1- 2 kms.
Rajakilpakkam, Sembakkam - 1 ground costs around Rs40-45 lakhs translating into per sq ft rate of Rs1600 - Rs1900 per sq. ft
Madambakkam, Nuthancherry - Rs30 - Rs 40 lakhs per ground, depending on the proximity to the main road.
There are number of duplex houses which are coming up for sale at these places. Typically for a 1500 sq ft land, the total built up area is 1700 - 1800 sq.ft which is costing anywhere upwards of Rs75 lakhs. This sounds to me as a costly affair. Saw a couple of built bungalows (!!) at Madambakkam and Sembakkam. These are well built but the problem is there is no vacant space around the house. The concrete structure occupies the entire land area and it defeats the very purpose of why you buy an independent house.

What I like about these places?
1. These are well developed residential areas with complete infrastructure.
2. It is closer to GST Road as well as it can take you to OMR easily.
3. Thirdly, on the personal front, I like Madambakkam very much. There is a very old Sivan Temple in Madambakkam which is more than 1000 years old. I have also visited Seshadri Swamigal Ashramam in Madambakkam couple of years ago and that is the first time I was there. It is exactly 5 kms from Tambaram Railway Station on the eastern side.

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