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Honk free driving - Is it possible?

I started practising Honk Free driving some 3 months ago after a spur of the moment decision not to harm the already fragile environment. What a noble thought? This is my small contribution to our planet!! So nobody could ask me what I have done for this planet?

After these 3 months, if I look back and ask myself the question, if I could practice it truly, I can raise my head proudly and say a loud "Yes". True, I have been religiously following it very effectively. Only thing it requires is little more patience. I think I have a lot of it.

Nowadays I am getting bugged when somebody honks from behind. This is particularly very irritating if I drive a two wheeler. Every day on the road, I tell atleast 3 people not to honk unnecessarily knowing very well that just by honking the traffic is not going to ease. Some people just keep honking continuously irrespective of the kind of traffic. I get a thought at times that I should allow them to overtake and go behind them honking continuously. Tit for tat!! I refrain from those things because of the reason that it is not going to work.
I believe honking should be used judiciously. I want to popularise this and I have few plans how to reach out to the world. As I wrote in the begining that this is a noble cause for welfare of all citizens.
1. Create a Orkut group to drive home the point of honk-free driving.
2. Create stickers proclaiming that "I am a honk free driver" and paste it on the back of the car/two wheeler.

One interesting thing happened after I wrote about honk free decision on this blog. I was contacted by a lady from Times of India Chennai edition and asked me about the person who is my inspiration. I shared with her the details of that person and she promised to contact him and get a story printed in TOI. She also promised me that she will get the TOI subscription for me sorted out. But alas, nothing happened.

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