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The journey

Once you are into the train you feel excited about the travel. I like watching the distant lights and the cool breeze which blows across, particularly during the winter months. On the way to Chingelput, you have Paranur Railway station. This RS has been wonderfully well maintained thanks to the fact that it is within or very close to Mahindra World City.

I dont know how, but I have this great luck of always getting myself a seat in the last coupe close to the toilet. You are blessed with an odour which you have to endure for the next 12 hours. I started observing my fellow passengers, couple of them were State Government employees. They were returning to Tuticorin after their departmental meeting at chennai. They would have also missed the train due to Vijayakanth's rally but managed to catch the train in the very last minute, literally.

Going by their conversation, I felt that Government job is not a joke. They are relatively middle-management Government Officers who are required to travel very frequently to Chennai and other districts for meeting. They also have deadlines to meet and reports to submit. The only difference between Government and Private sector is that their deadlines are little more meaningful, like submitting a report by the end of the month...

The advantage of having an upper berth is that you dont have to wait for the fellow passengers to start sleeping. I slept off early waiting to meet my friend tomorrow morning at the Tuticorin Melur station. My friend, Balaji, has been in Tuticorin, born and brought up there, and has been working with a shipping company. He has been working with the same shipping company for the last 10 years and he is happy about it!!

My friend was at the railway station to receive me and take me to his home, which is literally a stone's throw away on the Andal Street. The street has undergone some change in a way, because you have separator lines drawn. It was very funny to see a road of the size of Andal Street having a separator line. You can imagine how it would look like when the width of the road is only 20 feet. Thanks to Tuticorin becoming a Corporation from Municipality.

My friend jokingly said that there are few things which have cropped up due to the fact that Tuticorin has been upgraded as a Corporation. Traffic signals at couple of more locations, median lines on the roads are the only advantage he has seen since becoming a corporation.


Anand said...

I really admire you narration skills !! keep it going !!

Is it the same balaji who was plays cricket before the bathrakali amman temple ? Hows

Anand said...

My previous post was incomplete ? howz he doing ??

Adwait said...

I know the answer to why you get your seat close to the toilet !!
The reservation counter is aware of your royal habits and resistance to walk a distance for anything leave alone the nature's call !!! : ))

Government job is not easy by any standards. Having worked in a public sector bank, I have seen people being held accountable for a loan going bad and their PF being held up !! This is notwithstanding the tremendous pressure from the political system and senseless governanace !! The annual increment will be anywhere from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 120/- or so when I was working. I heard of bonus only after i moved to a mnc !! There are bad eggs everywhere...As in our cricket team, the performance is shouldered by one or two good players, this country too is being run soley on the shoulders of few honest and selfless people.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,
Yes, it is the same Balaji who used to play cricket with me. He is doing good.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Adwait,
I also share with you the legacy of working, if not in a Govt. Bank, but atleast in a very similar environment. Increments were Rs240/ p.a compared to what we get as 10% or more hikes in MNC companies.(May not be the case this year, provided you are able to retain your job!!)
I am one who fully support increased pay scales for govt employees provided the corruption is rooted out.