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Surrendered Dreams - a novel by Indumathi

Surrendered Dreams is the translation of the Tamil Novel "Tharayil Irungum Vimanangal" by Indumathi.  The story revolves around the life of a aspiring writer who literally surrenders his dreams to become a office clerk!! The story is set around 1970's when there were very few options for a person to earn his livelihood using his creative talent rather than going for a clerical job.  Now luckily for these kind of people there are plenty of options, I guess!!

Indumathi's original work was a big success, I understand and the English translation has also been done well. The hero of the story is a young person in his early twenties who after finishing college hates to take up a 9 to 5 job but rather wants to pursue a career in literature.  He undergoes lot of ridicule from his father, girl friend and society at large before he finally succumbs to a 9 to 5 job to take care of his family.  Characters are well crafted and it clearly brings out the emotions and feelings of the characters very clearly.  

The title of the story both in Tamil as well as in English aptly summarises the whole story.  I feel Tamil title is more poetic compared to the English one. 

I never read the original Tamil version and I happened to read the English version.  I was told that this novel was also made into a serial in Doordarshan days of the 1980's with the lead role played by none other than "Raghuvaran".  The serial was a huge success it seems and I tried really hard to remember it.  I could finally remember the tall, lanky Raghuvaran walking slowly through the woods in a pensive mood.  That is the only frame I remember from this serial.  If that is really from this serial!!!


Anonymous said...


There is so much more to tharayil irangum vimanam than what is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

yes! agree with the above comment. there is soooooo much more to the original tamil 'tharayil irangum vimanam'. a must read!applies to every generation. the yearning and and later acceptance of reality very beautifully narrated. exquisite portrayal/description of moods, place, people, character. was so realistic. seemed like the author understood our struggles and challenges in our own lives.

Anonymous said...

hello!thank you for the above post. am curious to read the english version of "Tharayil Irungum Vimanangal" by Indumathi.can you please let me know who did the translation and who published it? hope you would post a reply here please. thank you.appreciate you gesture.

Anonymous said...

hello again! just wished to point out the similarity in characterization of 'Parasu' and his wife in the novel and 'Sooraj' in the popular tv serial 'Diya aur Baati' in hindi. (it has been dubbed in several languages including tamil as 'En kanavan en Thozhan')- shouldering responsibility from a young age and finding happiness in fulfilling the family members' dreams. Understandable that the serial is so popular!!