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"Midas" Singh Dhoni - How else to call him?

How else we should call Mahinder Singh Dhoni? This man has created history by winning all the 3 tests he has captained so far. He is having a dream run since last December with a ODI series win in Australia, T20 World Cup in South Africa and the current Australian test series win. The credit should go to him as he played the game intelligently and lead the team from the front as a captain.

He scored runs when it mattered the most, used the bowlers intelligently, had a game plan and pounced on the opportunities given by Ricky Ponting to seal this victory. I am really impressed with his captaincy more than his batting or wicket-keeping. This man understands cricket and plays the mind-game very effectively which Indians are not considered very strong traditionally. There is an old saying that you have take session by session in Test cricket and he did exactly that. On the third day when he applied the pressure by not giving runs to Australia, they got so much pressurised that they succumbed in the next session. When before tea yesterday, Sachin Tendulkar made a blunder by running for an impossible single, that session was the worst for India in the entire test. But MS Dhoni came back strongly from that position when the Australians are forced to resort to slow bowlers and part-timers as they were short on overs.

MS Dhoni is really maturing as a Captain over the last year or so. He is bold to try out new faces or strategies without any hestiancy.

Overall, it was an absorbing test with a excellent victory to top it all. Well done, Dhoni!! Happy to see Indian winning comprehensively against a much higher rated opponent.

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