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10 things I want to happen as a fallout of Mumbai terror attack

As a Citizen of this country, I would be happy if the following things happen due to this terror incident. They are:

1. Dont allow infiltration by illegal immigrants across the borders. Let it be Bangladeshi immigrants or the Srilankan Tamils. If they cross the border they should be kept in camps isolated from the mainstream and should ensure that they return back to their own countries as soon as possible. Strengthen your borders.

2. Implement a National Identity scheme. All citizens of India should have an identity number and to be used for all purposes.

3. Implement uniform civil code for the country. No special regions within the country enjoying better facilities and benefits but causing all the problem.

4. Fight the terror causing enemies instead of issuing blank warnings. Follow your warnings with actions. Even if you cant go after each militant, at least do something to protect your citizens. Actions speak louder than words.

5. Dont show any leniency against the perpetrators of terror acts irrespective of caste, creed or religion. No appeasement or victimisation.

6. Use your intelligence effectively by sharing it with various agencies. Have regular update meetings, may be, on a daily basis to find out what are the key intelligence messages for the day.

7. Take up the lead in mobilising global consensus on acting against these terror causing entities and with the global support crush them.

8. The Government should come out with a White paper on this terror episode. Already I feel government has underplayed the number of people killed as well as the number of terrorists involved. If there are local accomplices in this episode, they should be taken to task.

9. Anti-national localities or clusters within India should no longer exist. Government should take all out efforts to get rid of these breeding zones. If people living in India show allegiance to any other country or feeling sympathetic about these terrorist acts, then they are free to go that country and make their livelihood.

10. Above all, please ensure that there is no corruption in public life. Corruption is the root cause of all these evils. Some unknown Policeman would take a 100 rupees bribe and allow a consignment of RDX to enter the city without knowing the implications. How to eradicate corruption is to have better political leaders, leaders who are not in politics to make money but to develop this country. If needed, increase the salaries of the Policemen, Military men and all public servants and make them accountable. Let their salaries be on par or even better than the private sector but let them be accountable.


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