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Chennai Sangamam 2009 Photos

I went to watch the Chennai Sangamam programs yesterday near to my house.  It was a well planned event I should say.  The programs were non-stop from 4 PM to 8.30 PM yesterday.  There is no break and the performers keep coming to the stage as a continuous stream.  I was there for close to 3 hours in the evening watching "parai" attam, oyilattam, veera villayattu, village based songs in Cinema among variety of things. 

There was decent crowd of people numbering around 700 or so.  I think it is a good crowd for a program which doesnt have a cinema star or a cinema related program!! I have taken few snaps which I am uploading here.  If you get a chance, please go to the place where you have Chennai Sangamam happening.  I feel it is our moral responsibility as well to encourage these art forms to avoid extinction.   One redeeming feature of the entire evening was the large turnout of children who were keen to watch these programs.  Also it is a welcome relief from watching cartoons and regular stuff like Mr Bean, Power Rangers kind of stuff. 

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