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Head hunters are on the prowl!!

I understand that one of the top IT/BPO company is setting up a Investment Banking Operations unit in Chennai for a global bank.  There are some senior level openings available and it has been notified by the company to the head hunters over the last 2 days, I guess.  

I think this is the only company which is recruiting in the IB operations domain across India and the head hunters are on the prowl.  For this one position, I have received atleast 10 calls  and 5 emails from different consultants across India in the last 24 hours.  You will be really surprised to know that somebody would call from Chennai and in another 15 minutes you will get a call from Pune and after that from Delhi.  On top of it, some have got calls from the company directly.  Sometimes, I wonder if somebody is trying to play a trick or something.. Head hunters are desperately in need of people and even if you say that you are not interested, they insist that I should refer somebody for the position.  My escape route in this regard is to ask the consultant to send me a mail with the JD and then I refer people.  Most of them back out and few of them still send emails.  

Why head hunters find this difficult to get candidates is because of the fact nobody wants to move at this time of the year.  Increments and bonus are due in January/February, if you still expect anything of this kind to happen this year! The second reason is nobody is comfortable moving from their positions that they currently hold.  Known devil is better than an unknown angel.  Talks of no job guarantee in the new job.  After yesterday's Satyam episode, it becomes even more prominent.  

Now my biggest curiousity is to find who is that global bank intending to set up in Chennai!!


Adwait said...

Good news !! Should bring in more banks !! And our esteemed colleagues at GBM in London will also have their heads examined.

Anonymous said...

Global Bank that is intending to set up shop through the BPO is Barclays, I guess.

RBS- Barclays rivalry continues, in a new turf now.