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All roads lead you to a ditch!!

I am talking about the area where I live.  Chennai Corporation in close co-ordination with Metrowater and Electricity Board have ensured that no road should be left unspoiled in Nesapakkam, KK Nagar West areas.  Then what else to say when all the main roads in that area has been dug up in a concerted manner over the last 15 days.  Already these areas have roads which would qualify only as lanes but which carries two way traffic.  During the morning peak hour, the traffic is absolutely horrible resulting in frayed tempers and hyper-tension for road users.  

I don't think it is a crime to dig up the roads for maintenance or repair work but the fact which really gets on to your nerve is the post-dig up state of the road.  They bring in all kinds to machines to dug up the roads and employ tens of labourers in this process.  They pile up the debris close to the trench they have made and after the completion of the work, they just push back the debris into the trench and walk-off as if it is nobodys business.  

In the first place when you remove the soil from the earth, where it is mostly of clay, it comes with lot of moisture on it.  They just spread it on the road and start doing the repair work.  After the work is completed, the clayey soil has already lost its moisture when exposed to sunlight for days together and it doesnt come off the ground very easily.  The contractors who employ JCB machines to dig up does not bring scrappers to remove this clayey soil from the ground.  This leaves the already battered road in a bad condition making it a night-marish experience for two-wheelers.  

There are very clear rules with regard to digging up the roads by Chennai Corporation.  You need to take prior permission of Corporation to dig up the road, post the repair work, the portion of the road which has been dug should be re-laid or patched up with tar.  But nowhere in Chennai I have seen this rule followed up.  The contractors/residents who want the repair work done should own up responsibility for the patch work.  Who cares for all these? Pay the Municipal councillor of that area a tidy sum and you dont have anyone to ask any questions.  I as a Citizen dont have time or energy to follow this up.  So where is the end to this kind of menance on the roads.  

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