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Raining Oscars for India

Today is an eventful day in the history of Indian Cinema. Indians have own 3 Oscars today and the chief among them our own music great, A R Rahman has won the Oscar awards for best score and best song. Resul Pookutty has also won the Oscar award for best sound mixing ( I dont know what one does in Sound Mixing) for their contribution to the film Slumdog Millionaire. I have not still Slumdog Millionaire (dont hit me for that) so I cant really comment on the film.

People across the board are feeling happy, excited and elated on the achievements of these Indians but honestly I dont have any feelings of that sort. Probably, it was foregone conclusion that A R Rahman would win the Oscar this year going by the pre-Oscar awards he has won. I am sure it is a great achievement but it does not change our lives in anyways. I feel like it is another day for most of the Indians except for the few TV Channels and the people associated with Cinema industry.

I am tempted to imagine what would happen when A R Rahman returns back to India.
  • Going by the past history, we will have a grand gala reception for A R Rahman when he returns back blocking the arterial Mount Road for 3 hours.
  • After that he will meet the TN Chief Minister who will issue a statement saying that his Tamil spirit was immensely pleased with the words spoken by A R Rahman during his acceptance speech. For your information, ARR mentioned his trademark words "ella pugalum irraivanuke".
  • Next he will catch the flight and go to New Delhi to show his Oscar awards to the Prime Minister, President and Sonia Gandhi. They will shower him with more awards and cash prizes and he would humbly accept it.
  • Already our Home Minister has announced that the prize money won by Indians for their Oscar awards would be tax exempt.
  • A controversy would erupt when somebody would claim for the music track or the sound mixing efforts which was not recorded in the film.
  • A R Rahman would be booked by Manoj Night Shyamalan for his next movie as the Music director. Steven Spielberg would also offer him a movie (as he has taken huge sums of money from Anil Ambani and he cant let go off that opportunity)
  • Tamil Sangams across the world would invite A R Rahman for felicitation.
  • Dr MGR University, SRM University or some other university would give A R Rahman a Doctorate.
  • Awards would keep flowing. I can think of couple of them for 2009, Bharat Rathna and Dada Saheb Phalke Award in addition to the numerous "Innisai Venthan" and off that type from street corner associations.
  • In the next movie in which A R Rahman has scored music, he will get a new name "Oscar Nayagan" A R Rahman.
  • A R Rahman would issue a statement thanking all who has helped him to achieve this in his life from Madan Bob to Illayaraja.
  • He will adorn the front pages of magazines like Outlook, India Today, Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan and each of them would carry a cover story on his life and achievements.
Lets see what all of the above happens!!


Santosh said...

You are a perfect Indian Venky. You know the possibilities of India perfectly. Even if these things do not happen to Rahman I am sure these are the ones Indians are good at doing! I would love to see how Rahman handles his fame and to what extent he goes from here. He is always good at making it bigger than all his peers! Now his peers are different. It is nomore the same. How big can he become from here? I am sure he will become someone like Bradman for Cricket and Gandhi for peace one day. Even if he does not, I suppose he is the only person contesting for that position in Music!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Santosh,
I am really surprised to see that you have not mentioned Sachin instead of Bradman.