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Watching the news channels really boring!

Today there is a raod or rather rail rako by Mumbai commuters at Borivali Railway station since 9.15 AM in the morning. Rail rako was resorted by the passengers because the 9.10 AM train from Borivali has been cancelled at the last minute. Commuters would have really had a torrid time due to cancellation of trains at the last moment. But the point what I was irked was the way it is covered by news channels. I got to see only Times Now and they have been covering this issue since 10 AM in the morning. They were showing the same visuals which they were showing at 10 AM even at 1.30 PM. On top of it, they keep posting the same messages on the scroll bar. Though it is an important issue I agree, but that is not the only issue to telecast on national news channels. There is a limit to one's patience in seeing the same visuals again and again. Instead they can figure out what has caused the problem, was there any precedence of train cancellations in the last few days because I believe commuters dont resort to rail rako for cancellation of a train for one day in India. We Indians are very patient.

These news channels should grow up else they will lose their market share. I honestly believe the DD News everyday is much better than these news in 24 hours channels. So much of repitition that you feel suffocated and want to puke!!!

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