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Reading blogs is a real stress buster!!

Yesterday, I was really bugged and disturbed with Prasanna's exit from Airtel Super Singer 2008 . I poured my heart out in my feedback to Vijay TV and also to some extent in my previous blog post. I guess it was evident to others when few of them walked up and asked if everything is well..

So I decided to take my mind off from this by going through some blogs. I spent close to an hour browsing through and I can say it was very helpful that I felt re-charged...I landed up in quite a few interesting blogs which I thought should introduce, if you are not aware of it before.

Critical Thoughts by Vijayakrishna (
Few may be familiar with this name as the owner of Chelsea fan club blog by name He has started recently his own personal blog where he is regularly contributing articles. Vijay, as I know him personally, is a very intelligent and analytical person who has a passion for English writing, Zen along with Football. His articles are really thought provoking and laced with humour.

Maduraiveeran by Dinesh Babu (
I have been reading Dinesh's blog on and off for some time. He has beautiful story telling ability with great imagination and also writes with lot of humour. His blog is one of the well-read blogs with high number of comments from readers. One appreciable thing is Dinesh painstakingly replies to all the comments on the blog. He is originally from Madurai and currently resides in USA.

Inba's corner by Inbavalli (
I dont know if this is her real name but what I know is she is a mother of two growing kids of 14 and 8. She has wonderful writing skills and looks at real life incidents.

I am really enjoying reading each one of them and I hope you too would like it. I have added all the three in my "blogroll" under the general blogs category.

One things which is very important for being a blogger is little bit of humour, at times self-deprecating as well.


Suresh Iyer said...


I look forward to your critical evaluation of my humble effort, if, of course, that is worth the effort!:-))

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