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How many things you need to carry to have a peaceful day?

I have noticing myself for few weeks now that before stepping out of home you have to remember to carry so many things with you to ensure a hassle-free life at office. I have tried to list down the things which I should have before leaving home:

1. Office ID Card - with increased security awareness and access restrictions, you cant live without an ID card. If you fail to carry it, you end standing in front of the IT Security Admin guy waiting for a temporary id card. This is an elaborate process and this guys behaves as if he is doling out a out of turn favour. I imagine this as if you are standing in front of the School headmaster in your school days. Your school headmaster would allow you without a badge but not the security guy in your office.. Your day in office starts with a wait for 15 minutes or so before you are issued an temporary ID card.

2. Office keys - Though we have moved away from the days of box files, still you need a drawer for storing many things in your office. You forget it and you can bet that day your boss would ask for that piece of paper which is caught in the drawer.

3. Mobile phones - This is one of the most frequently forgotten items for me. Many a time, I have left with only my mobile pouch. The mobile phone would be getting charged the whole day, unless somebody at home sees it and switches it off. Again you can bet the day you leave your mobile phone at home, you can be sure that day you will have more number of calls than the usual. The people at home get bugged with the number of calls you get and they simply ignore calls after sometime. You go back home and see the long list of missed calls. You start returning the missed calls and you had it from your beloved wife..(why cant you remember to take the phone to the office? why you are always on phone even you come back to office? I dont know what you speak for so much time? )

4. Laptop, datacard - Though you can not easily forget this but I have done that as well. You tend to do it when you have the liberty of having a desktop as well as laptop.

5. Mobile Handsfree - The moment you get on into your car, your boss calls.. you cant avoid it and you cant take it as well if you are in the middle of the road. So better remember to carry it.

6. Lunch box - Lunch is packed and kept ready on the dining table and you walk out of home thinking about the conference calls scheduled for the day. You rue your bad luck at lunch time while eating maggi in your canteen. (not really, I hear many people say!!)

7. Comb and other cosmetics - Though not very essential it is advisable to have one. I know of people who keep a spare comb, deodrant and shirt at office.

8. Wallet - oh, God!! what a day it would be if you forget your wallet. You look stupid and feel insecure.

There can be other things which may be carried by people before they leave home, like "Swamy photo" etc., But this is the maximum I can carry, because I carry Swamy photo in my wallet!!


Suresh said...

I make it a point to keep my watch,wallet,keys,id card near my mobile phone holder. If you have all these at one place,you would not lose atleast the 'important' elements reqd. to make your day peaceful.It works,try out. :-)

Adwait said...

When in hurry, I have left without wearing my belt !!! But hey who cares !!! I am the happiest when I leave the mobile phone !! I feel like God !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Suresh,

Yeah, thats a good idea to keep everything in one place.

Hi Adwait,

Very true.. when you dont have a mobile phone for a day you are free from encumberances!!!