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Its fever time!!

The headlines everywhere is "Election fever grips the entire nation".  

Election fever has gripped the nation.  It is not like viral fever which comes and goes in a jiffy, this national elections are like malaria.. It continues for more than 30 days and still you would not have been diagonised right..  it would be the case of typhoid as well.. but all elections are a pain for the public because the same set of politicians keep contesting the elections time and again.  Just take few examples, S S Palanimanickam, Union Minister of State for Finance is contesting his 7th Lok Sabha election, TR Balu has already been returned four times to the Lok Sabha from South Chennai and this time around he is contesting from Sriperumbudur.  P Chidambaram has already won 6 LS elections and lost once and contesting for the 8th time from Sivaganga.  The same with all parties across the country where the older politicians still want to rule the roost.. You can see K Karunakaran in Kerala and Arjun Singh in Madhya Pradesh still trying to get seats for their kith and kin.. mind it, they are both above 90 years of age and still wants to play an active role.  

All is not lost and you need not be cynical ... there is a ray of hope I see in this elections with the educated urban middle class joining the fray.  Let it be Capt Gopinath from Bangalore South or Meera Sanyal from Mumbai South, they are in the fray with an intention to make a difference.  In that same respect, we have one of the bright kids, Sarath Babu contesting the South Chennai LS elections as an independent.  Sarath Babu as you may be knowing created a record of sorts when he decided to start his own catering venture when he completed his MBA from IIM A in 2007 ignoring various multi-million salary deals.  His company Foodking is now a Rs 8 crore company and he wants to double the turnover next year.  Sarath Babu comes from a humble background, where his mother ran a "Aayah Idli Kadai" in Madipakkam to educate Sarath and his siblings.  He genuinely believes that he wants to give back something to the society and contesting the elections.  You can visit his website for more information.  

I am not sure if these independent candidates can make it through in a LS election, but this is definitely a good begining.  

PS: Last week has been hectic and this week I dont think would be any different.  Finding time to write is becoming an issue.. 


Anonymous said...

Everybody is asking for support for Sarathbabu and writing about him in their blogs. But a big missing point is, nobody is telling what is his symbol. See idlyvadai blog, they put his photo first page, but without the symbol. Symbol is very import thing even though the voter is literate.



Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Sudharsan,
I agree that symbol is very important. I think the reason for the delay in getting the symbol for Sarath Babu is because he is contesting as independent. As far as I know, the candidates filing their nominations have to select their own symbols as part of the nomination process and after scrutiny it would be alloted. As the process of nominations are still on in Tamilnadu, I think it will take some more time before Sarathbabu gets his symbol.
I think it is unfair for independents to have a very less time to take their symbols to the electorate. The established political parties have already started campaigning using their symbols but independents have a distinctive disadvantage here.