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Better to go home late?

Over the last one month or so, I have been coming late from work.  Though I have always returned home late from office due to shift timings, I got used to 1 year of returning home much earlier.  Now again long hours at work and late coming back home.  What is the good thing about this? Yes, couple of things.  

One,  you get to listen to beautiful melodies on the fm radio stations as you drive home.  That 20 - 30 minutes of driving in almost empty roads with these songs takes you to a different world.  I feel thats a wonderful thing to do.. driving and music.  You forget all your worries and your tiredness flies away.  You feel emotionally recharged.  Another advantage during this time, there are no anchors at many radio stations and it is often non-stop music.  Probably,  FM stations are also in a cost cutting mood.  Why to employ somebody and pay them salary when anyways there is going to be very few listeners. 

The other advantage of coming home late is you are relieved from watching the TV serials.  Otherwise, the moment you enter home, you listen to somebody screaming at the top of their voice in either Kolangal or Arasi.. cant stand that.. One more thing is the moment you go home, I switch on the TV to see the final few overs of IPL.  The timing suits perfectly.  

Then you take up some odd book and read it for 5-10 minutes and you are off to sleep.

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