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Devils Slaughtered!!

Yesterday night,  in the IPL first semi-final, Delhi Daredevils got slaughtered by Adam Gilchrist.  Gilchrist scored 85 runs of 35 balls to deny the most successful team of IPL 2 a berth in the final.  Gilly started with a flourish in the first over striking 5 continuous fours of Nannes and he never looked back.  Virender Sehwag, as usual, was clueless.  I think he has been riding on the performance of his team members like AB de Villiers and Dinesh Karthick rather than on his cricketing or captaining skills during this whole series.  

I was one who felt really bad for Glenn Mcgrath for not even getting a single chance to play in IPL 2.  On top of it, Daniel Vettori was also not in the eleven in yesterday's semi-final.  Though the set of second rung players like Nannes have done well in the past, Mcgrath and Vettori are veterans in the game with big match exposure.  Virender Sehwag should have atleast used them in the semi-finals.   Personally Mcgrath has been through a tragedy with the loss of his wife and he has two young kids to look after.  He still managed to come to IPL leaving back the kids and stayed with the team for 45 days or so, only to be denied a single chance.  He is not a club level cricketer but a cricketing legend in his own right.  He should have felt really miserable during this period and sulked within.  Today morning I see news that he is really unhappy and not planning to come back to IPL 3 next year.  May not be a big loss for the game, but Delhi should have treated him better. 

Steve Waugh has expressed a desire to comeback to IPL cricket if somebody wants him.  Mind it, he is 43 but kicking fit.  There were rumours floating around already that Shah Rukh Khan has approached Steve Waugh to take over the team for the next edition as Steve Waugh has a connection with Kolkatta through his charity work.  May be, Steve Waugh would come back as Captain/Coach, like Shane Warne!!


Suresh said...

Bottoms up! 2 underdogs in the final today.. :-)

Adwait said...

Could not bear to see the slaughter !! Felt like a lamb, chopped and fried !! For vegeterians the metaphor is felt like Gobi Manchurian (dry) !

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Suresh: DC had the last laugh!! From no.8 to no. 1!!

Adwait: Your comparison is fantastic!!