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Hopes belied on the election day!!

Dont think that I was robbed of my vote just like what happened to Kamal Hassan.. I had my vote, went early and cast my vote. But the euphoria of an election day was completely missing. It was a big surprise for me. There were no volunteers hanging around the poll booth where I cast my vote nor the festive atmosphere associated with an election day. It was sober atmosphere, completely different from what I expected. There was also hardly any queue to vote. When I went into to vote, there were 4 people before me at 8.30 AM in the morning. Lack of enthusiasm among the voters in Chennai as well, a la Mumbai.

The exit polls results would start coming in from 6 PM today in various new channels. I think the talk is NDA is having a marginal advantage over the UPA and the third front. There is a possibility of more parties pledging support to NDA if they have higher seats compared to UPA. Its going to be an interesting weekend with non-stop excitement of who is winning or losing..

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