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Is it for real?

Today the UPA meeting is happening in Delhi and all the pre-poll alliance partners were seen attending the meeting. I was watching this on the TV and they were showing leaders like Sharad Pawar, Karunanidhi and Mamata Banerjee arriving for the meeting. All our "netas" where driving fancy looking cars, except for one. Sharad Pawar arrived in a gleaming Honda Accord (anything less than that would not suit Sharad Pawar's stature!), our own Dr Karunanidhi came in his custom built Toyota (he is using this after his spinal surgery and for this visit to Delhi, the Toyota was send couple of days in advance).

Can you guess in which Mamata Banerjee arrived? She came in a Maruti 800 that too with windows rolled down, meaning there is no air-conditioning. What a poor soul? A leader having 19 MP's in this Parliament arriving in a M-800 for the UPA meeting. I know she is a simple person but can't be so simple like this. I even see some communist leaders driving a Maruti Esteem or a Ford Ikon, but not our Mamata. Is it for real?

Anyway, I am happy atleast we have one leader who still has her legs firm on ground.


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