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Where is the party??

The political scene hasn't changed one bit since I left Chennai on Sunday morning.  There is still confusion on who should become union ministers, as if it is their birth right.  The only difference is now the party which is struggling is Congress.  Till yesterday it was DMK! Poor Karunanidhi managed to settle the family dispute and identifies Alagiri, Raja and Dayanthi Maran as Cabinet Ministers.   Raja, is a known Rajathi Ammal(Karunanidhi's third wife) camp follower, so I think all the three posts have gone to the family members.    

The same is the case with Minister of State posts as well.  The nominees are Jagatrakshagan, Napoleon, Gandhiselvan and SS Palanimanickam.  SSP was there in the last cabinet as well.  Jagatrakashagan joined DMK 1 week before the announcement of candidates and it is rumoured to have spent few crores for the party.  So he is suitably rewarded with Minister of State for Railways.  Time to recoup!! Napoleon, a full time actor in Tamil Cinema, a businessman, who runs a ITES company and finally spares some time for politics gets a berth.  He is the nephew of TN transport minister, KN Nehru.. what better qualification you require.. Where is the party (men)??

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