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25 Random things about me

Sometime back Vijayakrishna of tagged me to write about 7 things. But I have decided to write about 25 random things about me. Here I go:

1. I have two names.
2. I was called "care of platform" in my childhood years as I always used to be on the road playing cricket.
3. On two occasions in my school life, I feared that I would fail in that year. Thanks to mathematics!!
4. I believe in destiny.
5. I underestimate my abilities.
6. I had a dream debut in the First Division Cricket League match. Returned a match figures of 6 for 13.
7. History was my favourite subject in school.
8. I have some kind of soft corner for shirts with blue shades.
9. I always wanted to do an MBA from IIM.
10. My inspiration to do CA was my cousin brother.
11. I am a fan of Ajith films.
12. I find it extremely difficult to identify Hollywood actresses.
13. I believe in Astrology.
14. I fight hard to overcome superstitions.
15. I have shaved my head atleast 12 times in the last 15 years.
16. My favourite God is Lord Muruga.
17. I love outdoor sports and games.
18. I want to retire early.
19. Off late, agriculture has caught my fascination.
20. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get the present salary.
21. I have an habit of studying till the last minute for my exams.
22. My dream is build a home on a spacious plot with lot of sunlight.
23. I like old furniture.
24. I have never been interested in F1 racing neither I have watched one.
25. I like to drive bike while it rains.


adwait said...

Guess what !! We have some 14 points in common !!-adwait

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Adwait, Thats a pretty high number of similarities.