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Dilshan a treat to watch

Watched the Srilanka - West Indies semi-final match in T20 world cup at The Oval. It was a treat to watch Tilekaratne Dilshan bat that day. He was stroking the ball very nicely, the timing was perfect, the strokes were exquisite and he had plenty of time to decide where to hit the ball. All these things are possible only when you are in top form, that is exactly what Dilshan has now!! On the other end, Sanath Jayasurya was pale shadow of his former self struggling to time the ball. The difference between in-form and out-form was so pronounced that commentators like Harsha Bogle had a field day teasing Jayasurya all the way.

Dilshan was there till the end to score a magnificient 96 not out in a crucial match. He built the innings and never slowed the run rate just because the wickets were falling at the other end. He kept going. He deserved a century but was denied by Sanath Jayasurya, because this old man (why not me!!) wasted some 15 odd balls for his patchy 23. Srilanka went on to the win the match by a handsome margin. They are my strong favourites for this T20 Final. What do you say?


adwait said...

On paper SL looks strong favourite ! My heart supports Pakistan ! They have had a difficult year and reaching finals has been against all odds !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Yes, my bet is also with SL.

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