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Millionaire Homes Exhibition by Dun and Bradstreet

There is a property fair being arranged by Dun & Bradstreet,  happening on June 6-7 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam.  Do you know, the entry to this exhibition is by invitation only!? Looks like it is a priveleged property fair.  Received quite a few emails with the subject as Millionaire homes and I thought this is some spam email and didnt even bother to open it.  Then got a call from D&B when I was in Goa.  Told them that I would visit on 7th June.  Let me go and see what is on offer.  

I also see the advertisements in The Hindu Property Plus and Times Property picking up.  Is it sign of revival in the fortunes of the real estate sector? Not sure, though.  But more people have started showing interest in real estate compared to 6 months ago but they are not the guys who are there to speculate.  They are real buyers who are looking for flats or houses to live.  

Why I am saying speculation is not still back was because I happened to talk to a Marketing guy of a real estate promoter in Chennai last week.  He told me that there is absolutely no sale happening with regard to plots.  Plots are the speculative investments.  Flats are not.  He was jocularly  telling me that people like me or not buying plots for investments.  I just laughed at him!

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