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"Misery" Sinh Dhoni!!

Where has the midas touch gone for this gentleman? Disappointing performance by team India against England in a do-or-die match. I would attribute the defeat entirely to MS Dhoni as his decisions and lack of counter-attack strategies have led to the ouster of India from T20 WC.

1. MSD didn't manage his bowlers well in the match against England. RP Singh, who for a change bowled little better on that day, didn't get to complete his quota. Instead an over was given to Yuvraj Singh and persisted with the off-colour Ishant Sharma.

2. As a Captain he didn't forsee how England would attack the weakness of Indian batsmen to short-pitched deliveries. Indian top order batsmen struggled against the short pitched bowling of West Indies in the previous match, so it is common man's knowledge to anticipate England to follow suit. If that is the case, why you have to persist with batsmen like Suresh Raina who is very vulnerable to short-pitched bowling. Why MSD didn't bring in Dinesh Karthick as a specialist batsman and he is considered to be much more technically sound than all others?

3. Batting order mishap happened with Ravinder Jadeja at No.4 whereas it would have been Yuvraj or Yusuf Pathan to counter-attack English bowlers. Poor judgement on the part of MSD again by promoting a rookie Jadeja ahead of Yuvraj and Yusuf.

4. I also dont understand why Indian cricket should persist with non-performers like Ishant Sharma and Suresh Raina in the playing XI for the entire team. From the last 2 matches you know Ishant is completely off-colour and he should have been replaced with Praveen Kumar. Suresh Raina should have been replaced with Dinesh Karthick. The lack of flexibility with regard to the playing XI is the biggest bottle neck of Indian cricket.

But as MSD often says it is not the end of the road. But lot of things to learn for MS Dhoni. Hope he picks it fast!


Anand said...

Disappointing performance. Dhoni didn't even try to hit. He was trying to give strike to Yusuf even when the RR is 12 .

Actually, I was at Trentbridge yesterday. When I booked in March, thought it would be a cracker of a game between IND & SA. But it was a complete anticlimax. Great crowd though.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Wow.. been in Trent Bridge.. great!!

Yeah, the match turned out to be a damp squib.. not much of interest left as well after the first two losses. I didnt even bother to watch the match against SA. Bitter lesson after watching the match against England.

adwait said...

BCCI is nothing but another Commercial Bank ! We had a bank with a similar if not same acronym which failed ! BCCI believes in minting money ! How do you justify taking 5 injured players for a World Cup tournament ! Under circumstances ! Dhoni has done a great job !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Well said, Adwait.. BCCI like its famous namesake is bound to fail one day. ICL tried to break the monopolistic attitude but is struggling agains the money power of BCCI. These authorities are bent upon milking cricket till it bleeds.. I cant imagine that just after the end of the T20 world cup, Indian team is going on a tour to West Indies.

No rest for the players and you bound to have injuries being masked and faked by players. Otherwise, BCCI should atleast follow a policy of rotating players from a pool of 30-40 players. The same set of 15 players cant play continuously.