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How good is your memory?

Remembering people, things and occasions are the cornerstone of anybody's memory. I know am good in remembering names and I have surprised quite a few people. I bet I can tell the names of all my school and college mates even after these years.

Having said that with regard to names, how good my memory is with regard to events? A big question mark! I have to accept that I have a poor memory with regard to events. Many a times I have to cut a very sorry figure when one of your friends or family narrates an incident and you stare at them blankly when they expect you to contribute to their story-telling. It happened yesterday again when I met one of my former colleagues after almost 5 years. He recollected a birthday party we had celebrated in New York 7 years ago. Immediately I could not recollect the birthday party or the cake cutting or leg-pulling which happened on that day. Felt so bad!!

Same kind of things have happened with me when somebody talks about who came or who didn't come for somebody's marriage. Generally, for me marriages are fun-days and you spent lot of time just sitting idle or chatting with your father's second cousin explaining him where do you work. I can't remember who came for that marriage or who didn't. I know of my aunts/cousins who can tell with 100% accuracy who were present or who weren't, and that too, after so many years. If you are interested, they can also tell you what colour saree was worn by whom on that day!!

I also get truly astonished when my wife/sister/mother comes and tells me that this saree was given to her by so-in-so for that marriage or grahapravesam or something. How they can remember that pattu pudavai was given on that occasion when everybody has atleast 25-30 pattu pudavai's? (silk sarees). Truly amazing about women!!! Though women win this memory competition on pattu pudavai's and marriage attendance hands-down there are few instances where their memory is very short.

For example, when you ask them to drop the telephone or credit card cheques or ask them to collect the cheque books. (yes, there are still few banks we operate an account without internet banking facility). This process takes weeks if not months to get completed.


Anand said...

Wht you have said about women is very much true !!

One thing they cant remember easily is directions to a place. Even if you have taken them so many times to a particular place, if you ask them to go alone they wldn't be able to make it !

To my knowledge guys have good direction sense. If I have been to a place 10 years ago, still I would be go to the same place witout asking anyonr else eventhough the landscape could have changed dramatically in the past decade.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,
Well said.. I fully agree. But you know, when you have drivers you dont need to know directions right!!??

Adwait said...

Freud said that we forget wgat we want guys decide for yourself !!