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Spoilt for Choice

If you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, this is exactly the phrase you should use. The last weekend was spent on identifying a mobile phone for myself which meets my requirements. I decided the budget is somewhere between Rs10K to 13 K, I had a plethora of choices across different brands. Have you heard mobile brands like Karbonn, Orion, Ray and Fly? I got to know them last week.

My requirements were simple - good battery, decent music, sharp camera, internet enabled and 3G (is it that simple at the given budget!!). The most important requirement on top of all this things is, it should be bulky. I love bulky phones and with slim phones I feel I may lose them. In the meantime, I also checked out with my friends who are well entrenched in this field and has an eye for detail and they were kind enough to share with me their ideas.

Actually this mobile search started for my wife. Then during this process, my greed of getting a new phone crept in and I used all my negotiation skills to make her accept that she would be happy with my existing Sony Ericsson and I would go for a new one. A MOU was signed to ensure that she doesnt go back on her words!!

I have noticed myself, once I decide to do something, I get passionate about that and I will be thinking about it all the time. The same thing happened with this mobile phone search as well and I was spending considerable amount of time viewing models on the net, comparing prices and features. After a good 6 hours spread across 2 days, I narrowed down to couple of models and started looking for the reviews. It so turned out that the reviews were either not great or it is a bit old model. Goes on to show my mobile picking ability!! When I called few retailers enquiring about the models, they didnt have the information or they were suggesting a much newer model. Why on earth that mobile retailers are not stocking old but time tested models? May be nobody buys them except for people like me!!

I got tired after these marathon mobile picking sessions, reading reviews and finally knowing that it is not available with the retailer. Suddenly a wave of enlightenment hit me. Why to throw money on a mobile phone with features like 3 G, Internet and Music which I hardly use them anyways. I realized that it is more of futuristic planning. Planning for things which you will never require. I got reconciled to the fact that these things are not going to happen overnight and you may not even happen at all.

Decided to break the MOU and instead signed a Peace Treaty with my wife saying that she should buy herself a phone which has all the features she wants... FM Radio and loud ring tone!! LOL!!! I will wait for some more time for my dream phone!!


Sudhar said...


Exactly same experience. Too much choice and gone thro' similar experience. (spending time in internet to read reviews, analyse various models, try to fix budget to march various criteria etc). In Dubai plenty of shops, tired of visiting and embrace to visit them again (since asked several questions to the salesman). Finally i just went ahead and purchased phone for my wife 5310 model (with basic facility like loudspeaker,music,good ring tone and lightweight). I too withdrew the agreement to use my phone and i got her new.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Sudhar,
So I am not alone!!

adwait said...

Venkat, there is an explaination !! There is a common saying that there is no end to desire ! And in pursuit of desire we often load ourselves with wishes that may seem very important for ourselves but after some contemplation seem insignificant. Parallely, in the sub-conscious we are also aware that we passed on to our wife not that we like but what we want to get rid off in pursuit of our desire ! We realise how one sided the love is !! That guilt too is working overtime in the background ! When these two streams meet we end up doing what you did !!

You have said that you will wait for somemore time. Hope you do not wait for long and that want you want and what you need is one and the same !

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Shri Adwait Guruji,
why suddenly so much of philosophy..anyways, you may be right when you say that you pass on things which you dont like but not the one you like.. I guess if you are able to pass on what you like, you are into the next stage of your spiritual journey..