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Is Vijay TV playing a crude joke?

Today Vijay TV is telecasting a program "Namma Veetu Kalyanam" showing danseuse/actress Mohini's wedding with Bharath at 7 PM. Whats so special about this? I am really shocked by the pure commercialisation by showing the marriage video of popular personalities but in this case, my opinion is, it is turning out to be a crude joke. Mohini has filed for divorce from Bharath and I read 10 days ago that she is appearing in the family court!!!

What can be a bigger parody than this? An actor marriage, which is already on the rocks, is being telecast. Vijay TV should check with the concerned person to see if they still want to run these kind of programs. If they have checked with Mohini/Bharath for telecasting it, then what I can say about this. Crude joke on the viewers!!!

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adwait said...

As they say in Forex, all are in money,including the public !!