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Training Week!!

Out of the first 4 days of this week, I have spent 3 days in training. The training programs I attended are High Impact Presentations and Business Etiquettes & Communications. I have not attended any training programs for the last couple of years or so. Therefore, I was looking forward to these training programs to be a welcome break from the routine. This week, so far, has passed off in a breeze (naturally, when you dont have to do the desk work). You also use training as a ploy to return home early.

When I was attending these training programs, I realised that many things the trainers told were already known to me. It was only the question of putting things into practice. Have you also got the same kind of feeling when you undergo soft skills training programs? Having said that, I should acknowledge the fact that few things I learnt/realised during these training programs are power posture while delivering the presentation, power of my voice, gestures, eye contact and dining manners etc., When you do mock presentations and get positive feedback, your confidence level improves manifold. After the High Impact presentation training, the next couple of days, I have been conscious in using the techniques and tools in my day to day life.

As far as the soft skills programs are concerned, I think what it does is to reinforce the basic concepts in some form or the other. That, over a period of time, makes a positive change in the person.

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Adwait said...

Hi Venkat, my comments reflects what I think sitting on the other side of the table as you know these days my job is to put together behavioral trainings. i agree with you when you write that the trainings often re-states what we know already. Having said that, the comments I receive is that the trainee wants something different, something new !! Secondly, to get that instant change in behaviour !!When someone attends the training with "different" and "new" in mind, often the session ends with disappointment and a very sarcastic view of what training can acheive !! and for those expecting immediate change are also disappointed as many of us go back and pursue with habits that we have developed painstakingly over many years !!

To learn anything new or old, one has to believe that one does not know enough. Secondly, there are others in the room who may know more or have experience that can be of worth hearing ! Thirdly, have the courage and will to change ! After that it is upto that individual to practice and experiment and evolve what is close to his/her nature and is comfortable doing it. For example, simple topic like "Listening Skills" can be very topic if thinks that he/she knows all and is a good listener ! A reality check could be something different. Coming into the the training, apply the three assumptions i.e., a) I don't know enough and that b)other trainees in the room know more and then see the magic ! c) I want to and will change from what I am now to do even better !

By the way we have Listening Skills module for the junior levels, don't you think it is an irony ??