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So many calamities in one day!!

I think yesterday (30 Sep 2009) was a day of calamities, both natural and man-made. It all started with the Tsunami in American Samoa, earthquake in Indonesia, boat tragedy in Thekkady, floods in Andhra and the mowing down curious onlookers by a car in CM's convoy. It is too much of bad things to happen in one single day for this world to carry one with their regular lives. I really felt bad. How cruel these are to take away so many lives across the globe in one day?

It reinforces the basic rule of life, it is uncertain. Did anybody of them would have thought yesterday would be their last day in this world? I doubt not.

PS: The number of deaths in Indonesia has crossed 1000 and still search is going on for missing people. The death rate is increasing at an alarming rate. I am really disturbed.


Anand said...

It was really a very sad day.

We couldn't prevent the natural calamaties.

Defn we could avoid the boat tragedy by enforcing strict emergency security guidelines. Hope the lessons learnt would bring in tighter enforcement of the guidelines/

Saraswathan said...

It was indeed a dreadful day! Oflate we have been witnessing too many tragedies in a row causing immeasurable agony and damages. Perhaps it is an indication to stop polluting the natural habitat with our various toxic effluents and filth discarded carelessly.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Saraswathan,

True we are killing this planet in all possible ways.. we need to be more careful in protecting this planet.