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Films watched during the last 2 weeks

I love watching movies. Over the last 2 weeks, I have watched 5 movies, a mix of old and new movies. My intention was to watch good movies which I have missed over the last year or so. I watched Kanden Kadhalai, Aadhavan, the new movies and Anjathey, Villu and Hangover (English). My take on these movies:

Kandaen Kadhalai:
Remake of "Jab we Met". Haven't watched the original in full, so okay to watch the Tamil version. It is a very clean movie with no unnecessary songs, fights and item numbers. The film has been rescued by the Santhanam comedy though at times it looks little amateurish. The film could have been pruned and made it even more slick but thats not the case. At times, I felt that it was just not moving fast enough to capture the audience undividedly. Nevertheless, a decent movie to watch. Watched it in the renovated Kamala Theatre. The ticket prices have been increased to resemble that of Satyam and INOX. Even the parking fees for a 2-wheeler is Rs10. It is becoming very costly.

Unbelievable that Surya acts in these types of movies after doing some mind-blowing performances. Pure commercial cinema, no harm in that, but it should be interesting. Again Vadivelu carries the movie and steals many a scene from Surya. Without Vadivelu, it would be a utter flop. There is nothing to write about the storyline or the screenplay. Why people are blowing away money on movies like this when you have a great team like Surya, KS Ravikumar and Nayantara.

At last, I saw Villu. I guess I should not have. Again a waste of time, effort and resources. I think after watching some beautiful real to life movies like Pasanga, Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu, Nadodigal etc., my expectation has gone up many folds. Villu is a out and out commercial movie, similar to Rajnikanth movies of mid-80's talking about underworld dons, jet flying villains etc., I think the director is missing the fact that the audience has moved away from those type of films. Can't sit through the entire movie and gave it up. But my son loves watching these movies and he watched it for 2 consecutive days!!

A very popular English movie and watched with lot of expectations. As seen in almost all Hollywood movies, the production value or execution was good. What I like the most about the english movies is the acting. It is a flawless performance by all the characters. It is funny, no doubt about that, but does it rise upto the expectations it has created for me. The answer is no.

I should say this is one of the best films I have watched in the recent past. The narration is of a different plane and the screenplay is racy. I was glued on for the entire length of the movie, except for the last 15 minutes when it became little dramatic. I have not watched any movies of Director Mysskin, but has always wondered why he is considered very highly by the film industry. I got the answer when I saw this movie. Hearing that he is going to work with Kamal Hassan in his next movie. I am now searching for his previous movie Chithram Pesuthadi.


Anonymous said...

Did u happen to catch the FEFSI show in SUN TV. There was a so called "skit" directed by mysskin.It was one of the most amatuerish middle school level super sothapal skit.

And you should watch goundamani's comments about the FEFSI show. Goundamani is truly a speaker. I never expected that short story from Goundamani and never expected such honest comments about the show .No wonder industry fears his presence.

After watching the FEFSI show , my conclusion is that nothing has changed in the industry.It is the survival and network game.The show was one of the worst shows and too long .

I am awaiting your comments on them.You may catch it on google video or if some one has recorded in dvr like I did.

After reading comments , I am now interested in watching anjathey .


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Arun,
Saw the FEFSI show in bits and pieces and got really bored with that. I agree totally that is a very long show and the performance of all artistes were much below par. Singers were just killing their own songs.. Did u see GV Prakash sing his latest song from Ayirathil Oruvan.. harakiri!

On the other side, pls do watch Anjathey and let me know your comments.

Anonymous said...

GV prakash, the new kid on the block and relative of ARR is overrated and his stage performance in FEFSI was a nightmare. He was shouting like the other telegus singer prasad who has absolutely zero singing voice and always shouts like kozhi veda kozhi .


Anonymous said...

Chitram Pesuthadi is one of the best Tamil films I watched. Wacthed twice