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Plastic covers all pervasive!

Last few days I have been seeing that almost everybody carries a plastic covers as part of their luggage.. you see students carrying their notebooks, job aspirants carrying their marksheets and certificates, office goers carrying their lunch and tiffin boxes and in hospitals almost all carry medical reports in a plastic bag. Just wondering is there an alternative to this plastic bag culture.
I remember the old days when people used to carry "yellow bags" for carrying these things. Yellow bags were used for taking it to the market to buy vegetables, near by shops for provisions, officer-goers carried files in them and students carried their books to the school. It was pollution free, re-usable and long lasting. Somehow, we have lost the interest in keeping these yellow bags and moved towards more convenient plastic bags.

I always try to avoid taking plastic bags from the petty shop-keepers when you I buy things like biscuits or snacks. I say no and it is my token contribution towards avoiding plastic. I think I should also carry my own bags to super markets when we go to buy monthly provisions. Small steps at our level and can cumulatively make a big difference. What do you say??


Anand said...

In Ireland, there is a govt levy on plastic bag (25 cent).

So if you go to a shop and ask for a plastic bag, you will be charged 25 cent the same retailer would be giving it for free in UK.

By enforcing a levy, govt encourage people to bring their bags or buy a all for life shopping bag (similar to our yellow bag) from shop.

This policy defn reduces the usage of plastic bags..

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Anand,
Thats a good one.. but in India it would be difficult to implement.

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