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Caps and the summer

It is summer time in Chennai. One of the easiest ways to keep yourselves protected from Sun is to wear a cap when you go out. I have this habit of wearing caps whenever I go out in the sun. I think I picked up this habit from my father. My father always used to wear a cap and still continues with that on many occasions. I love wearing caps. At some point in time, it was even joked by my friends that I can't be seen without the cap. I started having a collection of caps. But off late, thanks to the increased usage of cars in my life, the habit of wearing a cap is coming down with me. But whenever there is an opportunity I grab it with both hands.

I am trying to introduce this habit with my son. He was very reluctant to wear a cap to start with. He will reject the idea outright and off late with great reluctance he is wearing one while going to school. That too, he would remove the cap a good 50 meters before the school. I don’t understand what his problem is and why he doesn’t want to wear one. I keep insisting that he should wear a cap at least while he plays cricket in the sun but again he won’t listen to that. The other day we were at the cricket ground watching a coaching camp for youngsters and I saw many of the young kids wearing a cap. I showed that to him and asked him if he would be wearing a cap when he goes for cricket coaching camp. He said immediately a "No" and looked around. He got attracted to one guy who was wearing a cricket hat which caught his fascination. So he has agreed to wear a cricket hat rather than a cap. Cap is a strict no no with him. I can’t figure that out why still. But something is better than nothing.

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