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Traffic jams thanks to marriage halls

Yesterday I went to a marriage engagement function at Mambalam. The function hall was on the main road through which buses ply. When I went there was no traffic on the road considering the fact that it was a sunday evening. So I parked my car on the road just opposite to the hall and walked inside. But as the time slowly passed, there were huge traffic snarls thanks to the cars parked by the visitors to the engagement on both sides of the road.

I realised the traffic jam after the function got over and we came down to eat. I felt really bad as there was a huge pile up of vehicles on both sides, though my car didn't cause one. A good soul from somewhere came and regulated the traffic and in 10 minutes the road got cleared. I dont know how many times it got clogged before I came down. But within 2 minutes again the road got clogged thanks to indiscriminate car parking and indisciplined driving.

Now the main villain of the piece comes to the picture. He is the Manager of the fucntion hall who is now standing at the entrance and telling whoever is willing to listen that the cars can be parked on the by-lanes adjacent to the main road. Should he not make somebody stand and tell all car owners who come for the function to go and park their vehicles in the by-lanes before all these traffic snarls start.

For that matter, the commuters were very patient yesterday. I even saw one of the bus conductors telling the passenger not to shout at the people in the marriage hall as an auspicious function is going on. As we were having our dinner, we heard two people shouting at each other at the top of their voice about parking in front of the hall. I really felt that one person is going to have a heart attack considering the decibel levels produced for a non-issue like this.

Things would have been smoother had the marriage hall manager had informed people to park cars in the by-lanes and if that is difficult at least he can place a board stating that the cars are not to be parked in the main road. In spite of it, I am sure our people would park cars ignoring the warning. For that we have our Policemen doing the rounds. The other day when they had come on rounds they simply went around puncturing cars which were parked on the road!!

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